The Good, The Bad, The Friday

by MitchellRichards

Today is Good Friday, a day that we celebrate the death and crucifixion of Jesus.  Interesting to call it good because the death of the Son of God is and was anything but good.  It was a brutal thing, an unfair trial that ended on a cross.

But still, we celebrate. We celebrate because if it were not for this unfair day then we would never receive our unfair grace.  Easter is the day we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, His triumphant defeat of death. But on Good Friday we celebrate the redemption of the entire world through the death of Jesus.  Him rolling the stone away in the tomb was not the moment grace entered the world, it took His death for grace to enter.  It wasn’t because of Thomas digging his hands into Jesus’ side that we are able to drink the blood of Christ, but it is the very moment that blood was being poured out on the cross that we are able to.  It wasn’t Jesus’ ascension back into Heaven that brought peace and grace to this place; it was the chaos of the cross that brought it.

While I do love Easter and I do think it is important to celebrate it, we must not look past Friday.  Friday is the place we live in.  It is the death of our Lord and the inhaling of hope and wondering if we have breathed our last.  Friday is the dark and rainy day that we deal with on earth. Friday is all of the questions that we have about why we are here, all of the questions that we will usually never get answered but they are the questions that make us stronger.  Friday is the hope for Sunday.  Friday is the celebration for redemption and Sunday is just the moment that the party gets kicked into overdrive.  Friday is feeling lost and broken and waiting for Sunday to be reborn.  Sunday is the exhaling of grace.

I wish you all a celebratory Good Friday, and a wonderful Easter.  May we celebrate our Lord’s death and resurrection together.  Grace and Peace to you friends.