Taking Bitterness Captive

by MitchellRichards

I have recently realized that I am a very bitter person.  I do love life, and I enjoy a good laugh and good time, but when things aren’t the way I like them I can become extremely bitter.  In the last couple of weeks I have been working on a few ideas and thoughts and am learning to take bitterness captive.  So I thought I would share these thoughts with you in hopes that you could try them out when you find yourself becoming bitter.

Eat – It sounds pretty self-explanatory and non-relevant in the issue or bitterness and grumpiness, but trust me, you will feel better about yourself on a full stomach and will be less of a grouch.  Full tummy = Better Attitude

Recognize When You Are Getting Bitter – The key into overcoming bitterness is actually being able to recognize it.  It doesn’t sound like it would help much, but knowing when you are doing something stupid is half the battle.  If you can understand what is making you become bitter you can learn to avoid those situations or even be able to humble yourself to avoid the bitterness.

Understand That Just Because Something Isn’t Being Done YourWay Doesn’t Mean That It’s The Wrong Way.

Laugh At Yourself – Be able to laugh at your shortcomings, as soon as laughter escapes in a genuine way you will let go of your bitterness.

Apologize For Your Bitterness – Even if you don’t think you’ve done wrong, being bitter towards someone is wrong.  Even if the other person is at fault, apologize for holding the grudge and move on.

Go Outside – It’s hard to be upset while standing in fresh oxygen.  Go outside, go for a hike, go geo-cache, or just sit.  Being in Creation is a good way to calm down and let go.  You should spend a great deal of time outside, especially as the weather gets better.

Don’t Let People Walk Over You – I have realized that most of my bitterness comes from me over thinking circumstances in my head.  Most of these circumstances come from someone wronging me or something, but not standing up and saying that the moment was wrong.  I think about what my responses should have been instead of actually saying them, and then I find myself becoming angry.

I hope these help, feel free to share some of your ideas about taking bitterness captive on the Mitchell Richards Words discussion boards on Facebook. Click this link and go to the “Discussions” tab and contribute : http://tinyurl.com/ybbcusq