An Open Letter To You

by MitchellRichards

Dear Friend,

The world is a pretty crazy place, getting crazier don’t you think? I’m not talking about a bad crazy either, sometimes the world is ironic and clever, but it can be crazy in the bad way as well. Sometimes I lie in bed and think of the exact measures I have taken to end up in this exact place in life. I haven’t traveled the world much, or seen the seven wonders, and yet I’ve come upon a place I like to call home. But enough about that, this letter is for you.

I could fill this letter with all sorts of cliches and advice about how to never give up when things get hard, but I’d be lying to you if I didn’t admit that the reason I am here is because I gave up once. You can sacrifice a million different desires in hopes of gaining something, but you’ll often find yourself right back where you started. I used to think that success was equal to getting the hell away from wherever you were from, but I’ve found that success is actually getting away from the world and from yourself and somehow finding the world and yourself at the same time. See what I mean when I say the world is crazy?

“Do you know what trees that are deeply rooted and grounded do when the wind and rain and the storms come?

They bend.

They sway.

But the don’t break, and they don’t topple.

They are so firmly planted in the soil of grace and peace that it’s going to take more than a little wind and rain to rob them of life.” – Rob Bell

Finding grace and peace is one thing, but to capture it is another. I pray that a difficult journey is ahead of you, and I ask that you get frustrated. Stumbling upon Jesus and His ways is easy down here in the buckle of the Bible Belt where we advertise Jesus like he is the second coming of Himself. But capturing Jesus is another thing, your feet will be tired and your hands will be dirty, but your soul will be better off. Commercials and billboards rarely advertise the things they are advertising, meaning the commercial is usually selling sex and smarts in the disguise of cell phones and shampoos. The advertising of grace is no different, it is not a product.

You will have to throw yourself out there. Out there being a place where you wont want to be, a place where you can’t feel the warmth of peace. Out there being a place far from here, far from “the buckle” and far from home. I’ve found that Jesus is never in the places you’d expect Him to be, churches mostly, and that’s not a bash on churches as much as it’s a testament to His elusiveness. He is available for all at any time, but you’ll never love Him until you resent Him. You’ll never love Him until you scream at Him and shake your fist at Him and give Him the finger. You’ll never love Him until you’ve given up. You’ll never love Him until you go find Him for yourself, until you can;t sleep at night because He is talking to you too much, until you can’t spend time alone anymore because He is filling your brain with advertisements of His love and grace and peace, advertisements that actually show the product as new life.

Again, I hope your journey is difficult, and I pray that you don”t find your path to grace too easily. Life as we see it, is often lived on highways and interstates, but real life is actually found in the woods. Salvation as we see it, is often found in a product that never delivers, but real salvation is found in a Savior who is waiting for us.

I’m not saying that life is a giant hide and seek game with God, I really do believe that God is available in the most real way possible right now. I believe I could just walk into His house, sit on His couch, and tell Him my problems and breathe in His grace like it was a scented candle. I really do believe this. But I also believe that God is asking us to find Him on a different level, and it’s this level that I’m referring to.

There are almost 7 billion people in the world. That’s 7,000,000,000. Each one of us different, each on of us the same. God offers 7 billion different kinds of love for those 7 billion different/same people. I hope you go out and find the one He is offering to you.

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