Needing Grace

by MitchellRichards

The other day at work, I wasn’t feeling very well and we were getting busy and I just didn’t want to be there…at all. It was one of those moments where I was about to flip out on a random person for no particular reason because my stress levels were skyrocketing through the roof.

I was playing my iPod through the stereo in the back like I always do, and a song came on by Robbie Seay Band called “Lament (We Cannot Wait)” (listen below, there are lyrics under the video)

We’ve seen mothers bury sons
And we’re begging You to come
Oh, oh, oh
The broken fill our towns
And the hopeless shout aloud
Oh, oh, oh

We cannot wait
We cannot wait
Oh, we cannot wait

When the poor are thrown aside
The sick are left to die
Oh, oh, oh, oh

We need Your grace, oh God
Your grace, oh God
We need Your grace
We cannot wait, oh God
Your grace, oh God
We need Your grace

You are here
Your Kingdom come
Rescue us from all we’ve done
Help us move and be the love
Save us now from all we’ve done
We’ve seen mothers bury sons
And we are begging You to come
We are begging You to come
God, come

Sing oh, oh, oh, oh

I couldn’t help but to think of the times that I have needed God’s grace. There have been times where I have felt that I couldn’t wait, that I could not survive any longer without it.

Somewhere through the course of our busy lives, we lose grace. Some days, I can’t get away from it, but most days I am in search of it. I have to ask myself, how? How do I lose it? How do I stop feeling it and begin pursuing other lovers and other fills?

Notice, the song doesn’t say “we want your grace”, instead it says that “we need your grace”. We have all had these moments, right? These moments when we thought we had been beat up and broken down before, but somehow it has gotten worse? Somehow our worst moments are all rushing back into our souls to create one giant burden.

Sometimes, life just kicks our asses, but if there is one thing I know about God it’s that He always hears the cry of His children. There is nothing wrong with shouting out to God, there is nothing wrong with lamenting. There is nothing wrong with asking questions, hard and tough questions. Like I’ve always said, life isn’t always rainbows and unicorns, gummy bears and field trips. Life is tough, but if it weren’t tough we wouldn’t understand it. There is another life, something beyond what we see with our eyes, where the life we see with our eyes is actually found. It is hidden to us until we decide to find it. Just like in my favorite TV show ever, LOST, if you watched the show thinking it was about people stranded on an island, you missed the entire message behind the show. Just like life, if you are seeing it just as it is you are missing the point. The point isn’t hard times and drama, yet these are the things we tend to focus on. It’s about learning the difference between wanting and needing grace. Life isn’t about celebrities and reality TV. It’s about learning the difference between wanting and needing grace. It’s not about finding a mate and climbing mountains. It’s about learning the difference between wanting and needing grace. It’s about being desperate. It’s about lamenting and tearing your shirt in frustration.

Why is life about these moments?

Because it isn’t until we experience these moments that we can experience grace. We will never find grace in this world we see with our eyes, we must move into this other world, and once we find it, invite others into it. We won’t find grace here on earth, not until grace comes crashing into it one Day. I’ll see you there…but until then, don’t be afraid, God is with you…lament, raise your voice, He is listening.

(Ever since I heard The Robbie Seay Band for the first time a few years back, I have been a huge fan. I’m not a huge fan of Christian music in general, I tend to find it pretty watered down and…well…not good. But RSB is amazing, their music has found me in some pretty rough times in life and has lifted my spirits. So I encourage you to buy their latest album, Miracle, as well as everything else they’ve ever put out. Click here for iTunes link)

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