It Only Ends Once

by MitchellRichards

All through the pages of the Bible we hear reference to this God character. Sometimes He speaks from the sky, other times He speaks through the moths of animals, bushes, and sometimes through the mouths of prophets. We see His actions played out or ignored. But in some rare occasions, we see a glimpse of our Creator in a different light, a different perspective of an all knowing and all seeing God. Every once in a while, we see His “wrath”. We see God, for lack of a better term, freak out. We see Him destroy cities that are unfaithful and immoral, and we even see Him wipe out the entire world once.

I find comfort–yes comfort–in knowing that God freaks out from time to time. It helps me realize that God, Creator of the universe, sort of has emotions. He freaks out, He gets upset, He has the God equivalent to punching a wall. But the beauty of God having emotions is that is He is capable of those things, He is also capable of their opposites. If God is capable of anger, He is capable of pure love. If He is capable of destroying the world in a flood, then He is also of capable of building a new one. When God gets disappointed in my screw ups, I find hope that He, if I play my cards right, could be proud of my accomplishments. On the flip side of this, if He is capable of speaking to His people through His people, then maybe He is also capable of being silent. If He is capable of answering our cries then He could choose to just simply hear them some days.

Now, we are made in God’s image, and not the other way around. I’m not saying that God is some sort of emo teenager getting upset and trashing their room and brushing their hair over their eyes. But I am just thinking about how, in God’s image, we have some of His attributes. Just as someone may have their mother’s nose and their father’s eyes, we may have some characteristics of our Father in us. We freak out and get upset, but maybe we are capable of real and pure love as well. If we feel despair, we must know that we are capable of being rescued. If our world has been ruined, we have hope that a new one is coming. When we disappoint God, just realize that we have the ability to make Him proud.

Just as it is with the rest of life, I believe this all works in a beautiful circle. A never ending process of grace. One thing leads to another and the cycle repeats, and it only ends once. It ends when this world is made new, and we move on into a true and beautiful Kingdom.

Maybe one day I will realize that what I refer to as “God freaking out” may just have been apart of the plan all along, just apart of the cycle of grace. I don’t believe that God throws temper tantrums or anything like that, He is not a child…we are.

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