Despicable Me

by MitchellRichards

This weekend, I went to go see the movie, “Despicable Me” and absolutely fell in love with the story it told. I have gone on record saying that I am not a huge fan of kiddy movies because the stories they tell are usually no good. But this…this movie proved me wrong.

I obviously don’t want to give anything away, but movies that make me think about their themes for days after viewing are obviously worth mentioning. Take your typical super villain, insert some child like cuteness and chaos, and voila, you have the basic premise of the movie. Now, again without giving anything specific away, the main theme of the movie is redemption. I learned from watching it that we must become the redemption in the world that we are so longing to see. If we want people to become redeemed we must show them redemption. How can we expect someone to “buy in” to their sins being forgiven by an invisible God in the sky if we cannot ourselves visibly redeem them here first? How can we expect someone to love their neighbor if we aren’t loving them as well?

Why are you looking at me like that? What? Never seen a hypocrite before?

The only way people will find redemption is if they see it. The only way people will find grace is if they see it. Hope. Peace. Rest. Comfort. They have to see it.

The only way for them to see it is you.

The beauty in all this is that you can also find it for yourself. You don’t exactly have to believe it to find it, you just have to see it. What I mean is that, like athletes, we as Christians are never 100%. We have doubts and injuries and there will never come a day where we don’t wake up sore. But I have found that the best way to fight discouragement and lack of hope is to go be it. Whenever I can’t quite find the rhythm God has for my life, I hand out grace to someone in need. Whenever I feel like I am just a number to God, I go find the people or are just numbers to us. Life is a beautiful circle, a constant breathing, a giving and a taking. One thing cannot exist without the other.

Which reminds me of another kiddy movie I just saw.

Before the movie “Toy Story 3” they played this short film:

It paints another beautiful display of redemption and offering it to other people. Now, we can flaunt it or share it. We can be selfish or we can share the beauty, and often times the heartache, with someone.

If you need redeeming, I hope you find it. But if you don’t, I hope you give it away.

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