Live In One: Social Media

Of course, I am guilty of the following crimes:

and Twitter…

To each of these charges, I plead guilty. Not innocent. On all accounts.

So before I point any fingers, let me point to myself…

Social Media is not only changes the way we do things, it is changing the way we are; the way we interact, the way we schedule, even the way we date, social media is seriously changing the way the world goes for us. I’m sure once the telephone was invented, writers of the time were publishing articles in newspapers about how this thing must be from the devil, same with computers and cell phones since. So I will not claim anything to be from the devil, but I will ask you to reconsider the amount you use these programs, and how much you really depend on them.

I see people going to things such as Facebook (I use Facebook because it’s topical and easy to pick on) to validate themselves. Of course, I am guilty of this as well. They tag themselves in thousands of pictures, add even the remote of acquaintances to boost their friend count, and go on-and-on in woe-is-me status updates to get a few comments.

I don’t believe I know the key to life, or the point of why we are here, except for that I believe that there are hundreds of reasons. Friendship and interaction are two of those reasons. Just as God saw that Adam alone was not quite right, He probably thinks that us sitting at home on Facebook and “interacting” is not quite right either.

Maybe I’m too old for this new generation of social media, but I’m discovering that the more I distance myself away from that stuff, (i.e. the more I don’t tweet and Facebook stalk) the more I am coming to cherish my friends and family that I do encounter. There, I have found, is a difference between communicating (text messages, phone calls, direct and Facebook messages, emails, Twitter replies and RT’s) and interaction (quality time, face to face, front porch nights).

In short, I really feel that the more we accumulate in a social media life, the more we disassociate ourselves from a real life. The more we gain on social media, the more we feel lonely in real life. Soon, we subconsciously substitute the lives and realities and find ourselves cut off from life.

I’m not totally against these things by the way, chances are you stumbled upon this post by way of social media outlets like Facebook. They are a great way to connect and reconnect with friends and family. But before it is too late, we must realize that nothing is greater than living life with your friends. Nothing is greater that spending time with the ones you love.

I’m not asking anyone to delete or shut down their accounts, I am only asking you to take a step back and see where this is all headed. Are we losing our ability to interact? Are we losing touch with the people around us by distracting ourselves with their own pixelated profiles? Technology cannot replace moments in our lives that we wouldn’t trade for anything. We flock to things like Facebook because we feel like we are in control of our lives, but I really do feel that it is things like this that are actually spinning our worlds into chaos. We become obsessed with Farmville because we become successful in it, and maybe our lives aren’t quite as successful. We update our profiles with the places that we are, the restaurants we eat at, and the stores we shop at, but are we distracting ourselves from the moments we are actually living in order to brag about them in another life?

Step back and see where we are going together. How much time are you spending on these things? What false reality is taking president over a real goal? Life and social media will continue to progress and move and change. I hope we can decipher the two, exist in both, but live in one.