Recreating Us in 30 Days

by MitchellRichards

Hello friends and minor acquaintances. I would like to offer you a challenge, but first let me answer a challenge.

I have often been asked advice on writing and what the best thing someone who is starting out can do. My response is always to write everyday, no excuses. But as you can tell, it isn’t easy to write everyday. So the challenge to myself is to write something and post it on this site everyday for the next 30 days. I’m going to challenge myself by writing in genres and ways that I never have before. So most of it will suck, but that’s not the point, the point is to do it. The hardest part about being a writer is not writing, that’s the easy part, it’s the sitting down to write that is the challenge. So come along with me as I write everyday for the next 30 days.

Oh yes, but your challenge is to do the same thing with your muse, meaning do something everyday that you love but that challenges you. Paint a painting everyday for 30 days, build something, write poetry, anything as long as you do it everyday without an excuse for the next 30 days.

I suspect that we will soon learn that what we are creating together is not the important part, but rather the recreating of ourselves through creating.


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