The Best 50 Cents That I Have Ever Spent

by MitchellRichards

I was spending some money earlier this morning on food, and I thought to myself, “What is the best dollar I have ever spent”. It’s hard to find things that are a buck or less these days that are worth mentioning. Dollar menus at your favorite restaurants only provide food that eventually finds its way out of your body and out of your memory almost as soon as it enters. I began running through things that last that I have purchased for a dollar, and I think I came up with the best dollar purchase that I’ve ever made, and it was actually only 50 cents.

I didn’t used to read much, and even to most people, I don’t read much. But I think that I have read about 10 books this year, and I honestly haven’t read that many in 10 years leading up to this year. I guess it all started when I got writing more. The desire to read and write seem to intertwine. It also started at Powell’s Books in Portland. When I was on vacation there earlier this year, I wandered the halls and rooms of the US’s largest independent bookstore, that takes up and entire city block. I was walking around, thinking of the millions of words spread throughout all of those books. I dreamed that one day, a book of my own would one day occupy a slot or two on its shelves.

I purchased a few books for the plane ride home. When I got home, I fell in love with our own little gem of a bookstore in Oklahoma City, Full Circle. I was wandering the rooms in it one day with a friend, and we were in the classics section. She pulled a book off the shelf while she was telling me that it was her favorite book ever. “You should read it.” She told me, and handed me a very thick book that I wasn’t ready for the weight of.

One look at the cover of “East of Eden” by John Steinbeck made my memory race back to the basement of the Stage Door Theater here in Yukon. The Friends of the Library were having a book sale one weekend that I went to, where I bought one book months before it was recommended to me. Sometimes, I actually believe that moments in life find you, or in this case a book found me, instead of the other way around. These kinds of book sales are essentially piles of used books, hard backs are a dollar and paper backs are 50 cents. It’s like trying to find one specific, obscure thing in a thrift store, it very rarely works out for you.

Anyways, for some reason, the title of the book caught my attention, so I shelled out my 50 cents and tucked the book away in my car. It stayed there for a few weeks until it got moved into my garage. Then when my friend told me I should read it, my mind raced to its location.

When I got home that night I cracked it open and never wanted to put it down for the next couple of weeks. I had never been soo engulfed in a story in my life. I became attached to the characters, tearing up in moving moments, and cursing the villains of the story.

This was easily the best dollar I’ve ever spent. What is the best single dollar you have ever spent?


A quote from EoE:

“I guess if a man had go shuck off everything he had, inside and out, he’d
manage to hide a few little sins somewhere for his discomfort.  They’re the
last things we’ll give up.”