I’m A Loner Dottie…A Rebel

by MitchellRichards

There is a fine line between being a loner and a hermit. I suppose the word “loner” may conjure up some negative vibes, so from now on when I reference myself as a loner, I really mean someone who appreciates being alone. As I was saying, there’s a fine line, and in the next few days I’m about to move out and live alone. I guess I’ve really been living alone for a year or so now, taking care of the house I grew up in while it’s for sale. But I’m really moving out into a place of my own, free of emotional attachments and that “homey” feel.

I also like doing things by myself, sporting events, movies, pretty much everything one can do with someone, I like to do alone as well. Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging out with my friends and meeting people, but I think sometimes we all just need to disconnect for a couple of days.

I once realized that silence is the most beautiful thing one person can ask for. But it is a dangerous thing as well. I believe that it is the silence of a room that drives people mad because they are forced to listen to their own brain chatter for once. No music, no TV, no cell phones. Does this sound like hell to you?

I think it’s important that we have moments of silence, ten maybe fifteen minutes a day without these things. Freedom.

But you will inevitably say that you cannot sleep without some sort of noise, a TV or a fan. But all I hear is that you refuse to listen to the silence. I’m not saying that you have to graze the line of hermit and loner by doing everything alone, I’m just saying when was the last time you took a step back, disconnected a little from the hustle and bustle, and actually thought about yourself? Your priorities and goals? Where are you headed in life?

Because it is those questions that scare us.

I do a good deal of talking to myself in the car when I’m alone. It’s a good time for me to think creatively and think of things to write. But I’ve learned that when I cease to create, I cease to talk. I’m more likely to listen to music. More likely listen to other people talk. More likely to strike up a conversation on my phone. And so even though I am technically alone, I am filling the silence with other things and not with creativity.

As documented earlier in some posts, I have also learned that when I cease to create, I become a generally bitter person. I sort of did a scientific study on myself a few months ago and when I don’t write, I hate life. I hate my job and I get annoyed by my friends. But since I started writing everyday again last week, things become more pleasant. I have been thinking more rationally about things like my job, and am cherishing moments with my friends instead of constant;y thinking of what’s about to happen next.

So seriously, here is my challenge to you: spend some time alone this week. Lock yourself in a room, turn your phone off, shut the internet down, turn off the music, disconnect the TV, and just think. Let your mind wander and wonder until you are breathing ideas. Be creative.

[On a side note, I just want to say thanks for all the positive words you guys have encouraged me with lately. Since I started the 30 day challenge last week, I’ve had more traffic on the site than I ever have before and I cannot thank you enough. I appreciate you, the reader, and would love to hear your input. Please feel free to add me on Facebook, send me an email, or leave a comment below. I value your comments. Feel free to post topics you’d like me to write on, or send your friends links to the site. Thanks again.]