Artsy is BS

by MitchellRichards

I was at the thrift store yesterday and was looking around in the pictures/art area. I overheard this little girl asking, very politely, her mother to buy this big painting.

“Mommy, I want this so I can look at it and paint it myself. You know? Like I just want to paint this myself. I want to be an art teacher.”

The mother was standing right next to this girl, looking at some pajamas or something, but she said nothing. She didn’t even glance in her direction to acknowledge the comment. The child began to mutter.

“That’s okay…”

She then began to list off reasons why it was a dumb idea and she walked off to another part of the store.

I don’t have kids, so I’m not going to berate this mother for missing an opportunity to learn about her kid, I will just let you do that. I really just want to talk about ignoring the call of art in your life and how we can make 1000 different excuses to not do creative things.

We are made in the image of God. Since day one, God created the earth and subsequently, us. He then gave us the ability/privilege/authority to create, something he didn’t bestow on any other creature. Why? Because we are made in His image, and part of that image is creativity.

I’ve heard too many people say that they cannot do creative things because they aren’t artsy. I am here to separate those two words.

Artsy, is BS. It’s a lifestyle really.

Creative is a thought and an action, the same way water is liquid and gas and solid, or the way light is…just weird. Creative is knowing something should be happening, something should be moving forward, and it is your response to getting it there.

Creative is not paint brushes and paint. But it is too.

Creative is not rhyming words at the end of your stanzas. But it is too.

Creative is gardening. Journaling. Doodling. Noodling. Creative is taking something that is void in your world, and giving it life. Creative is ___________. Creative is filling in that blank with your soul.

We must recognize that call, that soul’s yearning, and make our world a better place through creativity. It is our responsibility to redeem the wrongs of the world, natural or human made, through creativity. It is our responsibility to redeem the wrongs of our own life through creativity.

Don’t make excuses to not create. And like the kid in the store, don’t let the world’s inability to listen stop you from creating.