Robot Breath: The Cluster-Cuss That Is God

by MitchellRichards

My roommate in college had this poster on our wall that had like 100 names for God, or something like that. It was a list of all these words that describe God in the Bible. It was interesting to say the least, useful, and all of that. But in someway, it was incorrect.

The story of the Bible begins where it should, in the beginning. From then on, it tells the story of God and his people. Then it becomes a story of God and His son, Jesus, and then we see that the story was actually about them to begin with. The beautiful thing about God is that he uses his people to communicate His message. I can’t recall the last time God parted some clouds, sent a dove down, and talked in a really deep voice to me. But I do remember the last time I felt Him. I had a friend in elementary school tell me that he went on a helicopter ride and saw Jesus in the clouds, and while I am not one to dispute a vision from God, this is the same kid who also told me that he set up a video camera on Christmas and caught Santa in the act.

To be a tad more clear, there is a separation between God and man. Granted, He does communicate to us and He does use us, but there is a deep deep deep disconnect. Even the name of God, YHWH in Hebrew, is a little confusing, leading some to believe that it’s not a pronounceable word at all.

We are talking about a God who created us, created the trees, the fish, the animals. He created cells, protons and neutrons and everything smaller than that. He created our little blue dot in the giant vastness of space. And then, He breathed life into it all.

This kind of God is not something to be summed up in a poster on a wall.

We are talking about a God who created man from dust. We can wrap our minds around man inventing and creating because we see it all the time, but man cannot create on this level. Man can build a robot that has to be plugged into a wall, we can breathe that electric-breath, but we cannot breathe the breath of life into anything. We can split cells and form them from almost nothing, and we can create clones and babies in test tubes, but not on the level of magnitude of God merely speaking it into existence.

How can we describe a God like that?

Simply…you can’t.

Even the word indescribable falls short. You know why? Because of the separation between us. Every word we utter to God is a word man created, and therefore cannot begin to actually describe God. Ever notice that every word we use to describe God is also used to describe people? Good. Holy. Just. Merciful. And while man will fall short of these descriptions these descriptions fall short to who God actually is. You see what I’m saying here?

And it’s not just how we describe God that doesn’t work, it’s also how God works.

God is not man. He does not function like man. So every clue and every inkling you believe you believe about God is probably wrong. Every time you step back and think you see His plan and have a grasp on it, it is so much deeper and richer than you could ever imagine it being.

So in times of trouble and confusion about doctrine or specific beliefs, you know what I say? I say that this is man trying to do God’s job. That it’s man trying to figure God out, to build a cabin around him and to talk with Him and try to learn everything about Him.

It’s like if God came crashing down to earth right now, you know what my fear would be? That we would literally dissect Him in an attempt to figure Him out. We would want to know in great detail the great separation between us. If Jesus came down from the heavens right now, He would be on the cutting board quicker than if and alien crash landed.

And it’s good that we want to know God. But there is a difference in knowing God and knowing about God. Knowing about God is limited, but knowing God is limitless. Knowing about God uses things like language, while knowing God goes into another dimension and uses things like the Spirit.

So when we question God, we cannot question Him like He is human, because He is not. When tragedy strikes, and we question God, remember we are questioning God, not man. God’s nature is not equal to man’s nature. God’s plan is not even written on the same kind of paper as ours are. God creates sunsets, we create snow cones. He is on a different level.

God recognizes the separation though, He sent his son Jesus as the mediator, as the breathe of His own lungs, here to earth so we could in some small way grasp what God was like. And even as we praise Jesus, we are still praising a man, of course this man is God, but it was the only way for us to fathom God. Because God doesn’t want us in the dark, does He?

God is a cluster-cuss of greatness. Indescribable beyond imagination. Nothing, no language, art, word, desperate cry, or anything else can fully contain everything that God is.

Let’s be honest, since we cannot fathom Him, we have no clue what else He is capable of. Let people discuss heaven and hell, who is in and who is out, doctrine and specific beliefs, baptism, females in the church, and the color of the new chairs. Let them discuss and bicker, let them hold the piece of fabric that is God’s robe while we enjoy the face of our Creator. Let them hold on to something they believe they contain, while we let go and swim in grace. Let them fight while we love.

Something tells me God is only showing us a sneak peak of who He actually is, because our brains literally cannot control the beauty of what He actually is. He is God. We are man. Act and praise accordingly.