Runt of the Kingdom

by MitchellRichards

I overheard a story on the radio the other day about this prince who was about to get married to a princess and how it was a big deal because in the past, people had described the prince as kind of a playboy. It was also a big deal because the country had hopes that the prince would bear a son that would eventually become the king because his royal family line was very respected. The radio host mentioned though that the prince has already had a son or two, but out of wedlock. I found it very interesting that sons born out of wedlock, even though they are still apart of the royal bloodline, are not heirs to the throne, that even though the kid was the first born son of a prince, that he himself would never become a prince.

All of this got me thinking about how I am a child of God. When I was growing up, I used to hate cheesy stuff like that, being a “child of God”. It makes me think of all those songs we sang about God and children in Sunday school. It’s weird to think of God as a parent, but maybe that’s because I don’t have any kids, and I can’t relate to a God that is a father. But I suppose that is for the best, because if I have no idea how to relate to a Father, and I have no idea what it means to be a father, then I have no other option than to be a child.

Now that is something I can handle…being a child.

Being a child is part irresponsible and part beauty, with a dash of confusion. It is a wonderful blend really. Putting myself in the position of child sort of takes a lot of the pressure off from being a good kid. I was kind of a punk to my parents growing up, and to this day, in the aspect of being a child of God, I am still quite the punk really.

The cool thing about God, and being his kiddo, is that God doesn’t have illegitimate kids. He doesn’t have kids out of wedlock. All that he has made for us, that’s ours. Sort of like in the movie, “The Lion King” where Mufasa (ooooooh say it again) takes Simba up to Pride Rock and shows him his kingdom, the kingdom that Mufasa had prepared for him, the kingdom that Simba would one day take over. Mufasa said that everything that the light touched would be Simba’s someday. Simba was just kind of a runt then, a kid, he didn’t have much to hang his hat on, only that he was a prince and an heir to the throne.

You and I, we are heirs to the Kingdom that God has in store for us. The most amazing part though, is that not only do we get the Kingdom, we get to usher it in. We bring the Kingdom with us wherever we go. We are the sons and daughters of the King, the royal bloodline runs through our veins.

There comes a point however, when we have to stop being runts. God can’t be constantly changing our poopy diapers at 26, which I confess, I may be guilty of (not literally of course). Good kings present and give their kingdom, evil kings take their kingdom. When I am stuck being the runt child of God, I am withholding the Kingdom for the rest of the world, I am being a taker and the Bible has quite a lot to say about people who clutter the Kingdom with confusion and selfishness.

God is offering us His Kingdom right now, not when He dies, because He never will, and not when we are “ready” for it, because we never will be. Right now. His Kingdom is ready. The Kingdom has been prepared for us, and we are the ones, the children of His resurrection, who get to bring it in.

Jesus says that the coming Kingdom is sort of like a net being cast out to catch fish. When the fishermen pull up the net and take their catch to the shore, they separate the good fish and the runt fish.

My fear is that I am being too childish with my responsibilities, that maybe I am a lot like the “playboy prince” I mentioned earlier. That maybe I’m holding up the coming Kingdom by being the runt.

As children of God, it doesn’t mean we are kids, at some point we have to step up, and step into the Kingdom that has been prepared for us. I sort of like the way Simba had to do it, running around in the wilderness for a while until he hears rumors of his kingdom is disarray. At first, he doesn’t know what to do, he is happy in the wilderness with his buddies and no responsibilities, but there comes a point when he has to step up, and bring back the kingdom.

Jesus brought the Kingdom, and since His resurrection, the Kingdom isn’t what it used to be.

That’s where the children of the King come in, it’s our job to restore the Kingdom, to give it new life. As the children of resurrection, it is our job to continue what Jesus started. Sure, there may be a lot of darkness in what we see around us, but according to my calculations, light defeats darkness 100% of the time.

House of Heroes “Field of Daggers”:

“I see a new day coming, maybe tomorrow, woe to the king of nothing.
I see a clean blood running, brothers of sorrow, here is your Kingdom coming.
Here is your Kingdom coming! Who holds the key?

He was and is.
He is and is to come.
He was and is.
He is and is to come.

He holds the key.”

And I think as children to the King, we have a copy of that key, the key to the coming Kingdom.