Frankenjesus: Creating Your Very Own Monster

by MitchellRichards

Note: Technically the monster from the story of Frankenstein is not named Frankenstein, that is the name of the doctor who created him, but for the sake of this post and confusion, I will refer to the monster as Frankenstein

From what I gather of the story of Frankenstein, this well intentioned doctor wants to create life. He never intended to build a monster, he just wanted to play God a little bit and create a new human. So, he spliced together some cadaver parts, sewed on some limbs and brains and all of that good stuff, and with a bolt of lightening he creates life. But it doesn’t really turn out well. I’m sure you can use your imagination and picture that crazy, stiff legged, bolt-in-necked, 8-foot-tall giant green guy terrorizing your local city and causing chaos. It wasn’t exactly what the doc had in mind, was it?

Now, I’m guilty of being like the doctor just a little bit too in the way I believe in God. I take parts than I like, form them together and make my own God I can believe in. I have no ill-intentions when I do this either, it just seems like the right thing to do. For example, I don’t really like conflict and having to confess my crap to the people around me, so I usually don’t have super close friends that will hold me accountable for the things I do wrong, even though that’s what I think God wants me to do. I really like those parts in the Bible where Jesus and later the disciples talk about grace and how my sins are forgiven, so I tend to take advantage of that grace and still do as I please, even though usually right after they talk about how awesome grace is, they suggest we don’t take advantage of it.

Sew an arm on here, place a bolt there to hold up that weak neck.

I love the idea of loving my enemies, but I think Jesus was winking when he said that.

A bolt of lightening later and I’ve created a monster. It was never my intention to do so though, I just wanted to love God. Frankenjesus is terrorizing my life and I place blame on Him because I feel like it should be all right you know, like I’m following Him and listening to Him and all that, but I’m really following something I created myself. And even though I created something with some of the same parts as God, it is not God because I added a few things that aren’t Him. They both might have a face, but Frankenjesus’ face is green and has scabs all over it. They both might walk around and hang out with children and homeless people, but Frankenjesus’ legs are uneven and he doesn’t reach out his hand all the way when he comes across a person in need.

God is God, and every attempt we have at creating a God that we like is essentially us worshipping a golden calf or a bronze statue of a pilgrim or something.

I hope that together, we can find the true God of the Bible, the God that led s through the desert, the God who gave his son to die for you and me. I hope that when we find Him, we won’t want to change a single thing about Him. This is difficult for me because to be honest, there are parts of the Bible that just don’t mesh well with my life. There are things that God and Jesus say that I tend to overlook because “He wasn’t saying that to me.”

I hope you don’t have this same problem as I do, because it is complete BS.

I hope together, as a unified people, find God. The one, whole, free moving and flowing God and the grace that comes with Him. I hope we can put to rest the Frankenjesus that we make and quit trying to play God by building our own version of gods. God is very much alive and moving, my Frankenjesus is very stiff-legged, cold, and sort of smelly. God is not a zombie. Trust me, the zombie Frankenjesus you create may be easier to follow and to get along with, but it will not be as easy as the grace the true God offers. Frankenjesus will do more harm to you and others than it will do good. I think a lot of terrible things have been done in the name of God, but really have been done by man’s version of Him. I’m guilty of it, I’m sure, but it must stop, we must take the whole message of the gospel and not just our highlighted limbs we have sewn together.

Happy Halloween.