Let Love Go

by MitchellRichards

I’m beginning to believe that life isn’t about the accumulation of memories and experiences. I’m learning that is so much more about sharing the things you love. The American dream is all about acquisition and storage, but the dream of the Gospel is more about the sharing of the things that bind us together.

I played soccer growing up, a lot of soccer. My brother played soccer, my nieces both play soccer. It’s something that is completely normal to me, and I love the game of soccer very much. Last year around this time I decided to coach little kids in soccer and it couldn’t be more fun.

I’ve realized in the year that I’ve been a coach that life isn’t about holding the things you love close to you, but extending them out for others to love as well. One of the boys on my team, who has been with the team for his third season now, told me on his very first practice that he was deciding between playing soccer and football. I told him that those were both fun sports and that he could do either one, but in my mind I was telling myself that I have to make soccer so much fun for this kid that football isn’t even an option. Towards the end of our season last fall, the same boy told me he wanted to be a professional soccer player when he grows up. Mission accomplished.

In the instance of this kid and me, soccer is the thing that I could not keep to myself, I had to give it away in order for someone else to share it with me, but it could be anything you love.

Are the things we truly love able to be given out? Or are they forced into our homes and lives by default? Here’s what I mean…what do you love? What in your life do you spend the most time thinking of? Dreaming of? Is it your car? Your money? Your stuff?

It hit me the other day that I get to wear soccer cleats 4-5 days out of every week between practicing with the kids and playing with my friends. Soccer has become a passion in my life now more than ever. And instead of just sitting at home and kicking my own ball around, I get the opportunity to share that gift and passion with 15 kids, spread out between two teams that I coach, and about 10 friends that I get to play with.

So again, what is it that you love? What gift do you have that you are possibly robbing your community from? Are you an artist? A singer? A fashion designer? Are you keeping your craft to yourself, or are you giving it away as someone probably once gave it to you?

What’s that cliché? That in order to truly love something you have to let it go?

Let it go.