Hands Down: Some Brief Thoughts on Easter

by MitchellRichards

This Lent season, we all pulled together and sacrificed something for 40 days in preparation of Easter. I’m sure it taught us a lot about Jesus and suffering. We all gave up things like chocolate and Facebook. Meanwhile, all Jesus has done this Lent season is conquer death and save the world.

You say to-may-to, I say to-mah-to. Pretty much the same thing.

It’s a good thing God was in charge of sending his son to die for our sins and not us. Actually, the more I look at the stories of the Bible the more it just proves to me that God always had Jesus as the plan. The Bible is a collection of stories, especially the Old Testament, of what life looks like when you have people in charge, when you have people trying to save the world. We, as people, can only make it so far.

There are some really good moments in there too, moments when it almost looks like the world has been redeemed and everything is going to be fine. Adam and Eve, Noah and the ark, Moses, King David, and down the line. There is hope in all of these stories, but they never end the way the story of Jesus ends, with salvation and grace and an empty tomb.

It’s a good thing God sent Jesus to redeem us, because if he were to ask me to do it, I’d say, “Sure thing boss.” and then go try and hide when the magnitude of the moment set in.

When Jesus dies on Friday, life faces death and life wins hands down. When the tomb is empty on Sunday, grace goes against sin and grace wins hands down.

So as we celebrate Easter together this year, and move on with our lives by eating chocolate again, or being able to drink soda, remember that the tomb is still empty. Death was defeated and grace has swept over the land.