To Make God Laugh

by MitchellRichards

I told my friend the other day that I wish I could write about God more humorously. I told him that I love writing about God and I love making people laugh, but see those qualities and exclusively separate. Since I was kid, the being of God and the following train of religion was always something I took pretty seriously.

Maybe it was the way the old organ and piano played on Sunday morning when I walked in to my church. I always just sort of felt a reverence for God and worshipping him and it was never to be taken lightly.

I think of myself as a pretty humorous person, I like writing jokes and have fun in witty banter with people, but I very rarely joke about God, and if I do it is so veiled most people don’t even catch it.

What this all boils down to is that I am not myself around God, a God I claim as an important part of my life.

For example, when I was younger I used to want to work on cartoons and be a voice actor. I loved doing accents and making noises with my mouth. Every once in a while, these accents will sneak out in every day life. I switched into what I call my Godfather voice to one of the girls on the soccer team I coach and she responded in her own mafia style voice. It was great.

But all this made me think of how rarely I communicate with God, and even when I do, I would never do a voice or an accent in his presence. I don’t do this because there are no jokes in the Bible, and no parts where it says “And then Peter responded to Jesus as if he were British and said ‘that’s what Mary said.’”

I hate the idea of God as friend, so this goes beyond that to a place where I am not even myself around my creator.

I can’t even be the person he made me to be around the person who made me be the way that I am. (That was a fun sentence to write)

I am giving God a cheapened version of his creation, of myself, and that is really sad to think about. Obviously, I don’t think I could ever pray to God in an accent, but I really don’t even feel like I am myself around him or by the way I talk about him. How often do I joke around with him? How often to I joke about him?

When people first meet me, they get the impression that I am quiet and reserved. This is sort of true, but I really just take a little time to warm up to you, to get a feel for you. When I start to get comfortable around people, I start to joke with them, I start to converse more, and so on. But early on, my shyness and quietness scare people off because they think I’m homeschooled or a postal worker or something.

Some days I feel like God and I never really had the chance to talk, like maybe I am just still awkward and shy around him because he hasn’t revealed himself to me, he’s never told me about his true nature. And so I’m scared when I see God be quiet because I’m afraid he hates me or something, I’m afraid he is no nonsense and not in the mood to joke around, and that even if he were, he wouldn’t get my jokes.

I don’t want to be this way with him, I don’t want to be shy because I know he isn’t shy either.

Sometimes I do random and stupid things with my life and think that God is up there crying because I’m an idiot. But I also think that more often than not, he’s crying tears from laughing his ass off because I’m an idiot too.

I believe that the way I am, cheerful and happy, easy going and joking, is truly the way God made me and the way God wants me to be for everyone else. I really feel that I have a gift to make others laugh.

Now, if I could only act that way around God. Am I taking him too seriously? I would like to make God laugh and I want to feel comfortable around him. I want my Godfather voice to slip out one of these days, only to have God respond with his mock-Okie accent, never missing a beat.